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Completed MEMBER ONLY: A World Beyond Wechat: The Latest Trends in China’s Digital Landscape and What They Mean for Recruiters 

This webinar provided information about: 
-China's search engine and social media landscape and identify how universities can recruit Chinese students from afar. 
-Established platforms as well as new trends like the fragmentation of the search landscape and emerging platforms like Toutiao and Douyin (China's TikTok). 
-Useful case studies in how universities have formed their Chinese digital identities.

David Weeks, Co-Founder and COO, Sunrise International
Gavin Newton-Tanzer, Co-Founder and President

Completed: Now available to members:
Will AI Disrupt the Agency Model as We Know It?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creeping into all aspects of modern life, even the counseling of students looking for an overseas education experience. With the rise of online and virtual counseling sites, what is at stake for the ‘traditional’ in-person counseling model? What is the impact for universities? Two colleagues - one on each side of this debate - will provide their thoughts and perspectives. 

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AIRC's 11th Annual Conference


Hilton Downtown Miami
Miami, FL