The AIRC Resource Library provides dozens of templates, samples, white papers, articles and studies that are available to members to help them learn about recruiting and develop best practices.

Publicly Available Resources
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Best Practices in International Recruitment: AIRC Members' Perceptions on Baseline and Best Practices in Campus Services for International Students, Institutional Transparency, and Agency Management. [DOWNLOAD]

Working Relationship Rubric for AIRC Certified Agents & Admissions Professionals Engaged in Partnerships: A Self-Evaluation Tool for Institutional and Agency Employees Working together in a partnership. [DOWNLOAD]

Certification Standards: The American International Recrutiment Council Standards for Agencies [DOWNLOAD]

AIRC Member Resources
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Sample Agency Agreement- Courtesy of Green River Community College [DOWNLOAD]

Sample Commission Cover Letter- Courtesy of University of Cincinnati [DOWNLOAD]

Sample Budget Categories for International Recruitment Planning [DOWNLOAD]

Sample Program Pricing for International Students- Courtesy of the University of Findlay [DOWNLOAD]

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