Strategic Partners

AIRC has identified strategic partners which pledge to work strategically with AIRC to ensure complementarity and mutual support of each other’s mission.  AIRC strategic partners or their subsidiaries may not be directly engaged in the recruitment or placement of students into U.S. or foreign universities.

ICEF connects educators, education agents, work and travel professionals and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide, supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility.

Special Offer: ICEF offers a 10% discount on its North America Workshops (in Miami, and Canada) for AIRC member institutions and for higher education institutions from outside the U.S. which join AIRC as an affiliate member. Please contact Michael Henniger at ICEF for further information, +1 778 866 1974
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Strategies and digital tools to promote your International Brand and diversify your Campus. Intead can help you develop a recruitment strategy that fits your institution. We will even help you develop the internal case for why your international recruitment plan merits more resources.

Special Offers: AIRC institutional members can register with Intead to receive their free e-book: 88 Ways to Recruit International Students  
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BONARD (formerly StudentMarketing) is a global market intelligence and strategic development company that specializes in the international education sector. The company provides a range of B2B student recruitment and marketing services to educational institutions looking to expand or establish themselves internationally. StudentMarketing is a UNWTO Affiliate Member with individual memberships in ESOMAR World Research, a prestigious society for opinion and market research. Contact StudentMarketing at for further details. Visit StudentMarketing website here.

Sunrise International ( helps universities promote transparency in the admission process and improve awareness of their institutions in China by directly engaging with local communities: visiting schools, travelling to second and third tier cities, maintaining Chinese social media accounts, and creating beautiful Chinese-language websites to provide correct and up-to-date information to potential applicants from the world’s biggest home country of international students. Sunrise also engages universities seeking to rethink their China strategy or build one from scratch by offering customized insights, research, and consulting services.


The U.S. Commercial Service and AIRC work together to increase trade and business investment awareness among the U.S. business community, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses, U.S. educational institutions, approprate international constituencies and the general public. The parties cooperate and coordinate trade and business investment promotion activities and programs which include international student recruitment to the United States. Visit the USCS websiteRead the 2016 Top Market Report for Education. ​

EnglishUSA, also known as the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP), is a professional membership organization of over 400 high quality, accredited English language programs.  Their mission is to provide support, standards, and advocacy for intensive English programs in the USA.  They also have over 30 Associates, which are companies (e.g., testing, digital marketing, publishers, etc.) who support the mission as well.  The search program directory on the EnglishUSA website serves as a resource for other organizations, institutions, and agencies all over the world.

The partnership between SIT Graduate Institute and the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) strives to bring talented, idealistic, and committed leaders with experience working in diverse settings to SIT’s master’s degree programs. The partnership highlights the visions and values of both organizations in integrating the power of knowledge and service to address global issues, particularly access to educational opportunities.

SIT will provide five (5) competitive $5,000 scholarships each year for selected eligible participants for an initial period of two years. Recipients will receive SIT Graduate Institute’s Education Professionals Scholarships.

This scholarship will be open to active AIRC members* and current employees of AIRC who are accepted to SIT Graduate Institute, given they meet eligibility requirements.

*Members refers to AIRC member higher education institution employees, pathway program employees, and AIRC Certified agency employees.