Institutional Membership

AIRC institutional membership is open to any U.S. accredited/state approved secondary school or U.S accredited post-secondary educational institution provided that the institutional accreditor is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

General Benefits for All AIRC Members include:
  • Access to AIRC online directory of all members, including institutional contacts for agencies and agency contacts for institutions
  • Access to sample institutional/agency contracts, documented case studies, and policy statement and other tools to help plan and manage your international recruitment
  • Monthly e-newsletter containing AIRC updates and international student recruitment issues
  • Sponsor discounts
  • Free job posting through AIRC's lists
  • Enhanced eligibility to present at AIRC-sponsored meetings and events
  • Committee participation
  • Reduced registration fees for AIRC-sponsored meetings and events
  • Participation in Member-only LinkedIn discussion group 
Additional Benefits for Institutional Members:
  • Voting Privileges
  • Opportunity to serve on the AIRC Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to participate on the Certification Commission and to serve as an external reviewer
  • Privilege to display AIRC institutional logo on institution’s website and promotional materials

Institutions are allowed to appoint three member delegates (one a voting delegate) from either their full time or emeriti faculty or staff. The institution is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of these delegates.

Annual dues are based on institutional student enrollment numbers:
  • $600 – Fewer than 10,000 total enrolled students
  • $1,100 – 10,000 or more total enrolled students

By joining AIRC as an institutional member, you acknowledge your institution is committed to following AIRC’s Guidelines for Best Practice.
  •     Commitment to Proper Student Services
  •     Accuracy in Marketing Information
  •     Student Recruitment Practices
  •     Engaged and Strategic Agent Management
These Guidelines may be posted on your institution’s website or in any contractual or marketing materials so long as the source is identified.


We also strongly encourage you to become familiar with AIRC’s Certification Process and Standards.