Global Institutional Membership

Global Institutional Membership is open to secondary/post secondary institutions based outside the U.S. which have been recognized by a national or international quality assurance system.

A Global Institutional Member may not also function as a recruitment agency or directly own or operate a recruitment agency. (For the purposes of AIRC membership and certification, an agency is defined as an organization, company or association that recruits and places students into accredited colleges, universities, and other educational institutions on a commercial 'fee for service' basis.)

General Benefits for All AIRC Members include:

  • Access to AIRC online directory of all members, including institutional contacts for agencies and agency contacts for institutions
  • Access to sample institutional/agency contracts, documented case studies, and policy statement and other tools to help plan and manage your international recruitment
  • Monthly e-newsletter containing AIRC updates and international student recruitment issues
  • Free job posting through AIRC's lists
  • Enhanced eligibility to present at AIRC-sponsored meetings and events
  • Committee participation
  • Reduced registration fees for AIRC-sponsored meetings and events
  • Participation in Member-only LinkedIn discussion group 
Additional Benefits for Global Institutional Members:
  •     The institution may state that it is an AIRC Affiliate Institutional Member on website
  •     Affiliate Institutional Members receive member discounts and can contribute to AIRC's community
  •     AIRC Global Institutional Members are eligible to vote or sit on the AIRC Board of Directors or Certification Board
  •     May eligible for all discounts offered members by Sustaining Partners.

Annual membership fee for Global Institutional Members is $600 (< 10,000 students) and $1100 (> 10,000 students).

AIRC Global Institutional Members acknowledge their institution is committed to following AIRC's Guidelines for Best Practice. The guidelines may be posted on a member institution's website or in any contractual or marketing materials, as long as the source is identified.

We strongly encourage you to become familiar with AIRC™ Certification Standards.