AIRC Membership Fees

AIRC Membership Fees
1. Accredited U.S. Institutional Members (includes higher education institutions, accredited IEPs and secondary schools in the U.S.)
Annual dues are based on institutional student enrollment numbers:

  • $600 – Fewer than 10,000 total enrolled students
  • $1,100 – 10,000 or more total enrolled students

2. Pathway Programs
Annual membership fee is $5,000. There is no extra fee for listing more than one campus partner.

3. Global Institutional Membership
Open to secondary/post secondary institutions based outside the U.S. which have been recognized by a national or international quality assurance system. Annual membership fee for Global Institutional Members is $600 (< 10,000 students) and $1100 (> 10,000 students).

4. Agency Fees

$2000 AIRC Certification Application Fee
$5000 Certification Fee (paid upon approval to undergo certification)
   Agencies also pay the cost of travel, meals and lodging for the site review.
$3000 First year member fee for AIRC Certified Agencies

Certified agencies pay the annual membership fee based on the following schedule:
U.S. $2,000 - Small Agencies (Placing fewer than 500 students globally annually)
U.S. $4,000 - Large Agencies (Placing 500 or more students globally annually)

AIRC membership for all members renews each year on July 1.
Organizations that join before or after July 1 will have their membership fee pro-rated up until July 1.


Please contact us if you have questions.