For Current Members: Annual Billing Conversion Information

AIRC is Changing its Billing Date for Members
What is Happening?

Starting in July 2017, AIRC is changing annual membership dues billing from an anniversary due date to a specific calendar date.
The new due date for all members* will be July 1.
 * Large and small institutional members, pathway members, affiliate members, large and small agency members
I am a current member. How will my organization be billed?

Existing members who joined in any month except July will be billed in 2017 on a pro-rated amount of their dues. Members with July due dates will not be affected. For example, a member that has an anniversary date in October (meaning they first joined in October) will receive a bill for 9 months (October until July 1, 2018) to cover their  2017 membership. In 2018 this same member, along with all members, will receive a bill for AIRC membership for July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 that is due July 1, 2018.
Members will be given the option to request an adjusted invoice if they wish to pay dues for 2017 and 2018 at one time.

Note: This new billing process does not start until July and those members with due dates from July 1 onward will be billed under the new calendar system. If your anniversary date is January-June 2017, you will pay the final bill on the anniversary date model and you must pay the invoice that has already been sent to you.

If your anniversary date falls in April, May, or June, you be billed in early 2018 for their prorated dues amount AND 2018 full year’s dues.

I have not yet joined AIRC. How will my organization be billed?
All new members will be charged a prorated membership rate based on the day they join. After the first year, the member will renew its membership with the July due date.
I am an AIRC Certified agency. How will my agency be billed?
Agency members with due dates after July 2017 (August through March)  will receive a pro-rated member rate for the months from your agency’s due date until July 1, 2018. Future member payments will be due on July 1.
Please contact us if you have questions.