Call for Comments On AIRC Certified Agencies and Approved Applicants

AIRC Comment Process

The AIRC Certification process provides an opportunity for third parties, whether individuals or on behalf of public or private entities, including but not limited to higher/tertiary education institutions and programs, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, to make written comments on whether, in their opinion, the organization meets AIRC Certification Standards.  AIRC also invites interested parties to at any time submit written statements of concern or complaints respecting an organization holding or applying for AIRC Certification. Comments are strictly confidential and will not be made public by AIRC.

Applicants Currently Under Consideration

New Certification
Indo Global Studies  (India)

North America General International Education Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Study Experience (France)
TAGUS Let's Go Study (Uzbekistan)
Wellspring International (US)

Comment Procedure

AIRC welcomes comments regarding any of its certified agencies or any agency that is an applicant for certification. Comments may be supportive or may express concerns or complaints.  All comments must be in writing and submitted through one of the channels described below. Comments or complaints that are not submitted in writing will not be accepted. 

All comments will be provided to the identified agency for its review and response. 

Submitted comments must meet the following guidelines in order to be considered by AIRC:

·      The comment must reference a specific AIRC Certified Agency or an entity that is a current applicant for AIRC Certification or Certified agency.
·      The comment must relate to agency activity that ocurred after it formally applied for AIRC certification and must have arisen from event that occurred within the previous 7 years.
·      The comment must be signed.  Anonymous comments will not be accepted. However the individual or entity submitting the comment may request that his, her or its name or other identification be redacted when the comment is transmitted to the agency in question.
·      The comment may relate to activities regardless of geographic location.
·      If a complaint or concern, the comment must make specific reference to how the alleged conduct relates to either the AIRC Certification Standards, available at Standards 2015.pdf.
·      The comment should be accompanied by supporting documentation, which may be in any form, including written, photographs, audio or video.  Links to publicly accessible sites will be accepted.
·      A concern or complaint that is related to a currently pending AIRC adjudication will be referred to that process for consideration.  A concern or complaint that is the subject of or related to a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding may be considered at AIRC’s discretion or may be deferred pending the outcome of such proceeding.
·      AIRC reserves the right to refuse to respond to or proceed with any comment that is defamatory and will not consider any comment that or contains profanity or hate speech.
·      If a comment constitutes a complaint or concern and relates to conduct respecting an individual, the complainant must provide documentation that demonstrates that he or she has made a good faith effort to follow the prescribed complaint/grievance procedures of the certified agency to resolve the complaint. 

In the event AIRC staff determines that a concern or complaint is related to an AIRC Certification Standard, the original comment, together with the agency’s response will be provided to the Certification Commission for its review and appropriate action.

Reliance on Publicly Available Information Such as News Reports

As an organization whose actions are relied upon by the public, AIRC must take cognizance of any information that comes to its attention respecting the conduct, activities, integrity or reputation of a Certified Agency or of an entity that is seeking AIRC Certification.

In addition to the third party comment process, AIRC staff will review any media report that comes to its attention that reflects adversely on the conduct, activities, integrity or reputation of a Certified Agency or of an entity that is seeking AIRC Certification.  If AIRC staff considers the issue raised by the media report relevant to the AIRC Certification Standards, the affected agency will be asked to provide its written comments.  If, based upon review of the agency’s comments AIRC staff determines that there remains the possibility of a violation of AIRC Certification Standards, the matter will be provided to the Certification Commission, together with the agency’s response.

Write your comment to Certification[at], or complete the form below.


Submit a Comment

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  •     Submit via Email — (Include Comments - Certification Applicant Name - Confidential in the subject line)
  •     Submit via Fax + 1 240 547 6400
  •     Submit via Mail:   AIRC Certification, 4710 Rosedale Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA