AIRC Awards


At the 10th Year Anniversary Conference, AIRC launched an exciting and new tradition with its very first AIRC Awards Ceremony! These awards were established by the AIRC Membership Committee to recognize outstanding achievement, best practice and quality assurance in the field of international recruitment. 

Nominations for the next awards cycle will being in June 1st. We encourage members to consider self-nominating or nominating a colleague. Nominations are due by October 1st.

2018 Award Winners 

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

   Dr. Pia Wood 

Vice Provost and Dean of International Affairs, University of North Texas

Dr. Pia Wood has been active in AIRC since 2009 through the membership of the University of Tennesse, Knoxville and the University of North Texas. She has led AIRC as President of the Board and Board member from 2014 - 2017. She led professional development efforts, including launching the first recruitment strategy workshops and other workshop themes and most recently spearheaded the launching of AIRC's first certification course in International Student Recruitment and Enrollment Planning.


     Quality Assurance Award Recipient

Dr. Jonathan Weller

 Director of International Enrollment, University of Cincinnati 

Jon Weller has demonstrated a deep commitment to the AIRC Certification Process, having completed 20 Agency Site Reviews since 2014. Furthermore, he has trained incoming, new reviewers on certification standards and site reviews, drawing from his very rich, deep personal experience in doing so. Jon has been very forthcoming not only as highly qualified External Reviewer, but also helpful as a contributor to the Certification Review Task Force and in serving as a resource for regional educational agency cultural norms. He has been very helpful as an institutional member bringing his qualified voice to many an important discussion, as well as offering recruitment advice.

Rising Star Award Recipients

Mr. Banit and Ms. Harkiran Sawhney

Imperial Overseas Education Consultants AIRC Certified Agency located in Mumbai, India

Banit (CEO) Sawhney and Kiran (Director) Sawhney are upheld as providing excellence in their dealings through their educational recruitment company, demonstrating professionalism, standards and practices that AIRC espouses. They are enthusiastic supporters and promoters of AIRC and show promise of continued adherence to quality and leadership in AIRC.


Agency of the Year Award Recipient


 University Study Inc. has done much to participate and be involved in AIRC activities. Over the past year the AIRC Certified Agency has submitted candidates for AIRC offices, provided suggestions for topics at the annual conference, and advised on ways to update and improve the AIRC website. University Study's owner, Mr. Gary Bergman, has also actively promoted AIRC to a number of universities and encouraged them seek AIRC membership. Several have now become members. Furthermore, University Study Inc. has done a tremendous amount of work to promote and comply with AIRC standards and ethical service to a significant number of agencies around the world; both AIRC certified and non-certified. Its unique "Agency Portal" contains all AIRC Standards for Best Practice and all of our agreements mandate AIRC standards be reviewed and implemented.



Institution of the Year Award Recipient


 As a founding member of AIRC, the University of Colorado Denver has supported the mission and vision of AIRC from day one. Early recruitment agency strategies at CU Denver relied on AIRC certification and standards to establish policy and best practice. In 2018, CU Denver supported staff that made meaningful contributions to the AIRC Community. Clayton Harmon, who serves as CU Denver's International Enrollment and Partnerships Manager made significant advancements in CU Denver's engagement with agents and advancing the international recruitment strategy as a result of attending the AIRC conference and a network of professional colleagues. Clay also serves as an external Reviewer, an important responsibility at the core of AIRC's mission as a standards organization. AIRC's president-elect, George F. Kacenga, was also supported by CU Denver for years prior to 2018, and through the months prior to his departure for a new opportunity. CU Denver support of AIRC has led to active AIRC community members who promote the mission of AIRC within the broader international higher education community, yielding interest and income in AIRC as a result.