AIRC 2019 Board Nominees

The Nominations Committee of the AIRC Board of Directors presents the following candidates for President-Elect (3-year term), Agency Delegate (3-year term) and Institutional Delegate (3-year term). The election will take place October 1 - 17, 2019 5:00 PM US Eastern Time. The voting delegate may vote for one person in the categories of President Elect, Agency Delegate and two people in the Institutional Delegate category.

Duties and Tasks for the Positions (Download descriptions here.)

2019 Candidates for Board Positions: 

For President Elect (one will be elected)

​Sophia Iliakis-Doherty
Jing Luan

For Institutional Member Delegates (one will be elected):

Yvette Bendeck
John Green
George T. Sipos

For Agency Member Delegate (one will be elected):

Andrew Chen
Val Daily
Alexandra Michel
Abhijit Zaveri


Two Candidates For President Elect - One To Be Elected

Sophia Iliakis-Doherty
Jing Luan

Sophia Iliakis-Doherty
Associate Dean for International Programs
Peninsula College 

Candidate Bio:
As Associate Dean for International Programs at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington, Sophia Iliakis-Doherty directs and oversees all international activities. She is a member of various professional organizations associated with international education including, but not limited to AIRC, NAFSA and NIEA.

Prior to her move to Peninsula College, she worked at Green River College and Highline College, as well as Kaplan/LCP Language Programs in Seattle and Highline (all in Washington State). Her positions mainly focused on international student recruitment and agency development.  

Sophia holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University with a concentration in College Teaching of Communication. She has a Bachelor’s Degree (double major) in Public Relations and Italian Language and Culture. Sophia completed a graduate study abroad program in Derry, Northern Ireland focused on Peacebuilding Through Dialogue, as well as a year of study abroad in Florence, Italy as an undergraduate. She taught English in Japan for three years on the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Program.

Candidate Statement:
Greetings AIRC colleagues!
Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the position of President-Elect for AIRC. Having served in various leadership roles over the past five years within AIRC, I’ve come to appreciate and herald the significance of our organization within the international student recruitment industry, as well as recognize the challenges we face going forward.  This significant work alongside twenty years’ experience in positions of increasing responsibility within US higher education international offices will be assets as an effective President-Elect.

I genuinely believe, particularly during these challenging recruitment times, that AIRC’s influence is of paramount importance in representing integrity in student recruitment. The extensive work of AIRC’s Certification Commission is critical to AIRC’s mission and serves an avenue of support and dialogue for both agency and institutional partners alike.  The quality control aspect that we represent within the international education sector through agency certification adds an extra layer of credibility to agency/institution relations.

Having served five years on the Certification Commission, one of those as Chair and Commission representative to the Board, I was granted a unique opportunity to participate within the leadership circle. This challenged my knowledge and abilities which proved beneficial in that role. As Chair of the Commission and non-voting Board member, I led a task force for a Certification Review. This was a collaborative effort involving a committee comprised of members from the board, agency partners, certification committee, external reviewers, and institutional partners. The review was a thorough study of AIRC’s agency certification process where we identified the pros and cons of certification, as well as benefits and needs for agency and institutional partners. We also provided recommendations for additional certification alternatives to full certification and worked alongside the Membership Committee to support growth initiatives in light of stated recommendations.

During AIRC Conferences, I’ve presented on community college recruitment, agency partnership and development, supported Membership Committee efforts and assisted External Review trainings. Throughout, I’ve remained a Certification Commissioner and enjoy meeting and promoting the benefits of certification and AIRC’s mission to potential institutional and agency partners.

My vision for AIRC would be focused on expanding opportunities and increasing value of AIRC membership, while leveraging partnerships to increase AIRC recognition. I would begin with three goals:
  • Work closely with the Certification Commission and Membership Committee to create alternative, affordable recognition options to our full certification option to make AIRC more accessible to a greater number of agents.
  • Work with the Board and Membership Committee to reach out to institutional partners to establish a task force dedicated to researching and proposing distinct, practical and valuable AIRC benefits for university partners to encourage growth and retention.
  • Work with the Board and AIRC Strategic Partners on creative collaborations that will increase AIRC’s worldwide presence and recognition as the US leader for international student recruitment through the use of technology, fairs, and other interactive means. 
As your President-Elect, I would use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years to help take AIRC to the next level. Thank you for your consideration.


Jing Luan
President of San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and Provost of International Affairs
San Mateo County Community College District

Candidate Bio:
Jing Luan, Ph.D. is President of San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and Provost of International Affairs of San Mateo County Community College District. He received his Ph.D. from the Mary Lou Fulton School of Education at ASU, Professional Certification from UCSC and Harvard University.  

He is the past-Chairman of Study California (, former Vice President of Community Colleges for International Education (CCIE) and Vice President of the Global Beca Foundation, and founding director of the College University Partnership (CUP). He has been president of many of his professional organizations, including the American National Research and Planning Council for Community Colleges (NCCCRP), member of the the San Mateo County Workforce Investment Board, and Achieving the Dream Coach – a National Initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
He is a published author on higher education leadership, big data, planning, and international education.  

Candidate Statement:
              Who Am I?  
I am humbled by the opportunity to run for the position of President-elect of AIRC. I am President of San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley and Provost of International Affairs of San Mateo County Community College District. I received my Ph.D. from the Mary Lou Fulton School of Education at ASU and professional credentials from UCSC and Harvard University.  

             Our Common Vision and Goals for the Future 
I believe AIRC is best suited for charting a course in the next decade within an agent market of increased competition, unpredictability and increasing evolution. I envision that AIRC will continue to be the standard bearer of quality and guardian of students’ interest. To that end, I will work with the Board and our members on the following: 

1) Broadening our sphere of influence and enhancing our alliances – AIRC has made tremendous progress in participating in key conferences previously unavailable to our organization. We need to continue building alliances to include more groups sharing similar interests of ours both here and abroad.
2) Enhancing our professional development activities and deepening their reach – I am pleased to see various webinars and workshops on AIRC standards and strategies of marketing. I will work with the Board to seek more venues in developing skillsets and competencies for our agent network and institutional members.
3) Increasing and diversifying our membership – I strongly support AIRC inviting more members from key sectors to join the network. We will be more inclusive and more responsive to these members. We will develop more ways to attract members and to make members feel the need to be associated with AIRC.

                How Can I Lead AIRC with This Vision? 
I believe my leadership and professional experience matches well with AIRC’s vision. For over two decades, I have served on various executive leadership positions in higher education in general and international education in particular. Most recently, I served for two terms as the Chairman of Study California ( Under my leadership, the organizations have all grown in size, revenue and influence, some even doubled its membership.  

I believe in developing alliances and building partnerships. Under my leadership, the international student population at San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley grew by over 1,500% since 2012, thanks to various partnerships we developed to benefit international students.  

I work very well and closely with members of all the boards to reach the common visions and goals. Since 2013, I have dutifully served as an AIRC reviewer and in 2016, I delivered a keynote speech on behalf of AIRC at the CAIEA in China to describe the practices of professional counseling and the standards it advocates. 
If elected as a president-elect, I will continue to engage counselors, advisors and higher education institutional representatives. I will work with my institutional members and agencies to build synergy, to promote the AIRC standards and expectations, and to increase our membership and influence.  


Three Candidates For Institutional Delegate - One To Be Elected

Yvette Bendeck
John Green
George T. Sipos

Yvette Bendeck
Professor of FInance
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Candidate Bio:

Yvette Bendeck is currently Professor of Finance at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. In her roles as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (2008-2018) and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (2003-2008), she oversaw strategic recruitment, marketing, retention, and progression planning, leading the university to 16% growth in enrollment during her tenure as an academic administrator. She was a key leader in the successful transformation of the university from a regional upper-level institution to a four-year public university in 2014, exceeding the freshman and sophomore enrollment targets by 17% and 151% respectively.

In addition to overseeing domestic enrollment operations, she has 12 years of experience in international recruitment, admissions, and immigration advising. In 2018, she successful established an international agent network, meeting first year enrollment targets. Yvette’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees are form Georgia Tech and her PhD in Finance is from Arizona State University. She is a native of Honduras and is fluent in Spanish.

Candidate Statement:
During my tenure as Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (2003-2008) and later as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (2008 – 2018) at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, I supervised international admissions and immigration advising from 2003-2013.  In 2017, as declining international enrollment prompted budgetary adjustments, I was asked to resume supervision of international operations, including international recruitment, with a charge to develop an international student recruitment plan. As a result, I have now been affiliated with AIRC for two and half years.  AIRC resources provided me with a constructive framework for dialogue which resulted in the acceptance of recruitment partners as one of the recruitment plan’s pillars. Within six months of approval, we had established relationships with selected AIRC-certified agencies yielding positive recruiting results. I endorse AIRC’s mission and want to contribute to its continued success by being your Institutional Delegate. 

I would like to collaborate with AIRC in promoting internationalization fundamentals that can be of mutual benefit to our institutions and agents.  We often focus on leveraging technology and marketing as a vehicle to achieve enrollment growth, but, without fundamentals in place, the realized return on investment may fall short of what is anticipated.   Fundamentals such as streamlined international admission standards, international admissions processing, and international transfer of credit facilitates the work of our recruitment partners. From my work at UH-Clear Lake, I also recognize that our faculty members have a diversified network of international connections, as well as contact with international alumni.  Since these resources can be underutilized, our collective challenge is to ensure that, regardless of organizational structure, collaboration and coordination across campus is managed effectively so that faculty, administrators, and staff involved with international students are interconnected and work cohesively to advance the institution’s international goals.

Due to the breadth and scope of the project, one of my most unique professional experiences was being part of the leadership team that guided the transformation of UH-Clear Lake from an upper-level university to a 4-year public university in 2014. With less than a two-year lead time, I coordinated policy development and implementation, the redesign of admission processing and the academic advising structure, the design of a freshman scholarship program, the development and implementation of recruitment plans and marketing campaigns, the design of freshman orientation programing, and the required changes to the student information systems.  These experiences highlight my leadership, as well as my participation in driving institutional change which I believe is necessary for the internationalization efforts for our colleges and universities.   
Today, as a faculty member, I am establishing a research agenda in international education.  I continue to collaborate with UH-Clear Lake’s Office of International Admissions and Programs as needed. 

John Green
Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment 
Sonoma State University

Candidate Bio:
Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment for Sonoma State University directing outreach activities
for Intensive English and Non-Degree Programs, 6- and 12-month short-term academic exchange as well as first time and transfer F1-matriculated international students. Prior to Sonoma State, John was the manager for International Marketing and Recruitment at Pierce Colleges. John managed marketing partnerships, agent portfolio and active in international recruitment travel promoting the intensive English language and academic programs.

In addition, John was the Client Account Manager for IDP Education and managed a number of different
portfolios including pathway partnerships, community colleges, and high schools, eventually becoming
manager for the western United States. John has a Master’s degree in International Relations, is a DSO and is committed to promoting policies that support creating a more welcoming and globally engaged US. He participated in the 2019 NAFSA’s Advocacy Day, representing California to educate members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

Candidate Statement:

Since 2011, my professional roles focused on introducing, integrating or improving international recruitment management in higher education institutions. During this time, I have had the privilege to work many colleagues and partners in this field all committed to increasing international student enrollment. 

Throughout my relationship with AIRC, I have benefitted personally and professionally participating in a number of conferences, sessions and workshops and will always be active in their professional development programs. Even more important to this interaction has been the benefit my employers have received from the AIRC membership and the partnership with the AIRC certified agencies. 

I will bring perspective and experience from my professional memberships, international network and recent professional roles in higher education. My position at IDP Education as a client relations manager I promoted the value of the agent partnership to corporate, private and public education institutions. As recruitment and marketing manager at Pierce Colleges in the dynamic Washington state community college system, I managed the agent portfolio as well as the pathway partnerships with four-year higher education institutions. Currently as student outreach and recruitment director at Sonoma State University, a CSU in the North Bay of California, I manage the outreach and recruitment for international and domestic programs leveraging my experience and network from my previous positions to grow and international enrollment and diversity. 

My goal as an institutional delegate will be to be proactive and represent the broad range of institutions that are AIRC institutional members. Working closely with AIRC leadership and other board members, we will be addressing the dynamic benefits, issues and concerns around growth in the recruitment of international students and international agency partnerships by US education institutions. 

The AIRC mission statement includes three “Purposes” focusing on refining and enhancing the relationships between student recruitment agent partners and US education institutions. I see the institutional delegate role on the Board of Directors as being advocate for increasing the visibility and importance of the AIRC institutional members within the agency partner international portfolio of higher education institutions. I also clearly understand that most agency partners must be constantly monitoring and addressing the changing international education market as well as the demands of their student clients on the country they want to pursue their academic studies. This role must be supportive and reactive to AIRC agency partners, their views and concerns and work towards creating a cooperative and financially sound environment with institutional members. 

In addition to the continued development of the relationship with agency partners, I would be working with to further develop and promote best practices, highlight new technology, tools and techniques for international student recruitment. The AIRC board of directors and staff are committed in service and support to all members while operating in an international and political environment in a constant state of change. 

Institutional members see AIRC providing direction, support and recognition to increase international student enrollment through agency partnerships and I will work to show all members that AIRC is helping that achieve their goals.


George T. Sipos
Senior International Officer and Executive Director of UMSL Global
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Candidate Bio:
George T. Sipos is Senior International Officer and Executive Director of UMSL Global at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Cultural Studies. Sipos’s career bridges teaching, research, entrepreneurial work and corporate management in his home country of Romania, in Japan and the United States. His past positions include Toyota Motor Corporation headquarters and universities such as Ritsumeikan and Osaka in Japan, University of Bucharest in Romania, and University of Chicago and SUNY College at Brockport in the US. Sipos holds a PhD degree in Japanese studies from the University of Chicago.

Candidate Statement:

I joined the AIRC five years ago when I was still working in international admissions at a Japanese university. I was attracted at the time by the idea of worldwide agent recruitment having clear regulations and widely accepted operating rules that would reduce the chance of fraud in international admissions and would create better and more equitable access for international students to a broader range of universities across the globe. As soon as I joined, I got involved in helping with the conference committee, which I did for the past four years, and more recently with the Awards sub-committee, and came to acquire a better understanding of the inner workings of the organization and the way in which its activity for the past 11 years has positively impacted and helped legitimize the practice of utilizing agencies for international student recruitment, a practice not long ago frowned upon by many in the United States while openly embraced in markets like Australia or the United Kingdom with great success.

I believe that our organization is now at an important crossroad in its path to the future. Ever since I joined, I advocated for a more proactive role for AIRC in assisting the creation of policy and regulatory environments that universities around the world (not only in the US, where we have been very successful so far) could benefit from. While attracting agents from more and diverse student sending markets to join AIRC, pass the certification, and abide by well-defined rules in their activity is a crucial piece of our outreach efforts and, as a member of the Board of Directors, I will continue to support it and promote it vigorously, the AIRC expansion in student receiving markets and our work with increasing number of educational institutions is, in my view, of equally extreme importance. As such, as a member of the Board of Directors, I will continue the work I started informally, to not only attract more and more universities, junior colleges, and high schools from Europe, Asia, and Latin America to join our association, but also encourage colleagues overseas to start considering the organization of AIRC activities locally, such as seminars, workshops, symposia, and even mini-conferences, thus spreading the message of advocacy and regulatory environment that we have been successful in establishing in the United States.

Throughout my activity in higher education, I bridged teaching, research and management in international education and not only on three continents: Europe, Asia and North America. For many years I worked in major public and private universities in Japan, and I believe to have an in-depth understanding of that educational market, as well as solid working knowledge of others in Asia. It would be an honor and a privilege to put that to work on behalf of the American International Recruitment Council and its agency and institutional members.

Four Candidates For Agency Delegate - One To Be Elected

Andrew Chen
Val Daily
Alexandra Michel
Abhijit Zaveri


Andrew Chen
WholeRen Education

Candidate Bio:

As an international student from Beijing, Andrew Chen came to the U.S. for graduate education in 1995 and has resided in Pittsburgh, PA for 20 years.  A graduate from the prestigious Tsinghua University High School, he studied at Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute and then emigrated to the U.S., studying at the University of Missouri Columbia earning two master’s degrees.  Possessing first-hand cross cultural educational experiences in both China and the United States, this informs Mr. Chen’s role as an international educator bridging Chinese and U.S. education. Under his leadership at WholeRen, he led a research team that investigated Chinese students’ academic integrity issues in American universities, culminating in a nationally distributed annual white paper. He has served as a Board member for the Organization of Chinese Americans--Pittsburgh, one of the largest U.S. civil rights advocacy and education groups, for the past eight years.

Candidate Statement:
I am honored to be nominated to serve on AIRC’s Board of Directors and humbly submit my candidate statement for consideration.  In the last decade, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has gradually increased to over 600,000. The United States has remained the first choice for Chinese students looking to study abroad, with more international students from China studying at U.S. universities than international students from any other country. In addition, the number of Chinese students studying abroad at their own expense has reached 541,300 (88.97% of China’s international students). 

As educational institutions look to increase international student enrollment to not only expand diversity but reach their enrollment goals, the quickly changing landscape of international student needs and demands become variables to consider as institutions face enrollment concerns but also, retention goals.  The focus on recruiting cannot be one sided; to only consider recruitment without having an infrastructure to support student success can significantly impact an institution’s retention goals but also, its reputation in the foreign market. Agencies have the ability to introduce a large pool of candidates, but upon arrival to the U.S., how do institutions capitalize on student diversity and enhance opportunities?  Furthermore, how does AIRC as a collective develop novel approaches to recruitment by showcasing support systems that ensure student success?

I co-founded WholeRen Education in 2010 to not only create opportunities for Chinese students to study in the U.S., but with the realization that in their cultural transition, such students would need additional support as they acquire a new way of understanding their role as a student. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, WholeRen now has four offices in China and 10 offices in the United States, with two located on institutional campuses. Working intentionally with institutional partners to understand enrollment needs and each institution’s unique educational experience, WholeRen adds to this partnership by offering students holistic advising services to ensure they are successful in their educational endeavors.  

If selected to serve as your Agency Delegate, I will work with AIRC’s Board and Members to address issues related to international student recruitment in the China.  My expertise in the Chinese student market is not only driven by my own experiences as an international student, but is informed by thousands of conversations with students and parents over the years.  In these interactions, I have been privy to their concerns about international study, along with witnessing the changing and growing demands of this recruitment pool. These experiences, coupled with my understanding of Chinese cultural expectations of education, enhance my ability to serve on AIRC’s Board and guide discourse about how Chinese international recruitment must adapt in what is rapidly becoming a “consumer” based market as international students seek educational options.


Val Daily
Network Engagement Manager
IDP Connect-USA

Candidate Bio:

Val Daily is the Network Engagement Manager at IDP Connect-USA. She recently took on this new role after joining the company in 2015 as Client Relations Manager. In this new position at IDP Connect, her main goal is to increase diversity as well as enrollments by developing and implementing effective relationships between the US Onshore Team, Partner Institutions and Global Network.

Focused on delivering the highest level of customer service, she provides assistance in building recruitment strategies that include IDP's services in order to maximize client results.

Val received her Hospitality degree in Milan, Italy.  She also studied in France, Germany and the UK. Soon after graduation, she began her professional career with the Disney Company working at the Orlando and Paris Resorts as well as Disney’s Cruise Line. After a near 10-years hiatus taken to raise her daughters, she re-joined the workforce as one of Full Sail University’s International Department’s first team members, where she successfully built and managed their agency network.

An active member of AIRC since 2011, Val co-authored AIRC’s white paper, "Best Practices in International Recruitment," in 2012, and has delivered workshops and sessions at many regional and national conferences, including AIRC and NAFSA National and Regional Conferences . She is currently serving her 4th year as a member of AIRC's Annual Conference Planning Committee and is AIRC’s Mentorship Program founder and Chair.

Candidate Statement:

The strong desire to connect people across countries and cultures, thirst for knowledge, and ambition, all sprinkled with a bit of wanderlust, have been my driving forces for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a student, they were the reason why I decided to study abroad. After school, they were what made me hop on a plane, with only a few dollars in my pocket, to take a job on the other side of the ocean without the slightest idea as to what to expect. Now, they are still the motivation for my work every day.

Though I never thought a career in this field even existed, when I became part of the International Education community, I realized my journey has come full circle: because of my personal background, I understand the challenges international students may face and I can assist them in finding the right path in education to lead them towards realizing their career aspirations.  

Since joining AIRC 9 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many of you and I don’t think my story is very different than any of yours. Our common ground is what brings us together, unites us in promoting International Higher Education to students all over the world, what gives us a great sense of purpose in our roles, and what has made this organization successful. 

Nevertheless, I believe our job is far from done! The constant changes in the Higher Education landscape, the obstacles that are regularly put in the way of international students coming to the US, together with the highly ambitious international recruitment goals of other countries, have made this market more competitive than ever before, not only domestically but at a global level. 

Since its inception, AIRC has made incredible strides in “promoting standards-based international recruitment strategies”. My personal contribution to the advancement of its mission, began when I was given the opportunity to co-author the "Best Practices in International Recruitment" white paper in 2012. From then on, I've delivered educational workshops and conference sessions. For the past 4 years, I've also enjoyed being part of the conference planning committee, as well as developing and chairing the Mentorship Program. Now in its 4th year, my hope for this program is to give members the opportunity to create long-lasting professional relationships that continue beyond the conference.

As Agency representative on the Board, I would like to assist in ensuring the needs of the membership continue to be met, in expanding AIRC’s brand visibility (not only with other agents and institutions, but also with local state/government officials/stakeholders) and, more specifically, grow and strengthen the newly established relationship with EducationUSA by leveraging connections through IDP’s Global Network of offices. 


Alexandra Michel
Managing Director
College Contact GmbH

Candidate Bio:

Alexandra Michel is the Managing Director of College Contact GmbH in Germany. She joined the company as a student counselor in 2004 and quickly progressed into a leadership role, first within the counseling team and then within the executive board. From 2010 onwards, she served as the Associate Director responsible for university partnerships, external relations and business development before assuming her current role in 2016.

Alexandra studied political science and international relations the University of Kiel, the University of Copenhagen and the Free University of Berlin. Both her studies and her extracurricular experience as an intercultural competence trainer and national support team member for a large international student organization inspired her to pursue a career in international education.

Within AIRC, Alexandra has been an active member of both the conference and the membership committees for several years and currently also serves as the chair of the awards subcommittee.

Candidate Statement:
There is no doubt that these are challenging times for many of us working in international student recruitment, whether it’s on the agency or on the institutional side. The current political climate in the U.S. and the changing realities due to the ever-increasing influence of technology call for innovative solutions and a mindset shift.

Given the wide variety of voices and perspectives within its membership, I believe that AIRC is ideally positioned to help create these solutions and take the lead in defining the future of international student recruitment in the U.S. In my opinion, AIRC should therefore continue to try to shape the public debate wherever possible and bring key industry stakeholders together to work on joint solutions. 

By serving on the board of directors, I would like to contribute to these efforts. I am convinced that my long-standing experience in international education and my ongoing commitment to AIRC would make me a suitable candidate for the board. Over the past 15 years of working for College Contact, I have gained a deep understanding of the U.S. education system and developed strong relationships with my institutional counterparts and other partners.

While formally representing the agency membership segment, I would therefore hope to work closely and trustfully with all of AIRC’s many and diverse members, regardless of their affiliation. 

There are two areas which I would particularly like to focus on if I were to be elected:

Member engagement

As a member-driven organization, AIRC thrives most when as many members as possible are engaged and actively participating, be it by sharing their opinions in ongoing discussions, serving on one of the committees or presenting at the annual conference. We have an incredible wealth of experience and expertise in our organization which I think we could tap into even more than we currently do.

In order to further increase and broaden member engagement, I would therefore like to better understand the ways in which our members would like to be involved in the organization, learn about any obstacles that might currently prevent them from participating and help to develop ideas for new forms of engagement that will allow us to tap the full potential of our organization.

Professional development

Despite already having worked in international education for more than decade when our agency joined AIRC in 2016, I have benefited tremendously from the professional development opportunities AIRC provides and consider them to be one of the biggest assets of our organization.

Given our broad member base, we are fortunate to have experts on almost every topic related to international student recruitment and enrollment in our organization and I am sure that many of these experts would gladly share their knowledge with other members. In addition to helping to further refine our existing professional development opportunities, I would therefore be keen to explore new ways and formats of connecting our members and enabling them to learn from each other in both formal and informal settings. 

Abhijit Zaveri
Founder and Managing Director
Career Mosaic Pvt. Ltd

Candidate Bio:

Abhijit Zaveri is the Founder and Managing Director of Career Mosaic Pvt. Ltd ( ) 

Established in 2001, Career Mosaic is amongst India’s leading companies for international education. Over the years, it has evolved into a unique organization, with systems that can support B2B and B2C operations. 

He is an MBA from University of New Haven, Connecticut (USA). Having been an international student in USA himself, Career Mosaic was set up in 2001 by Abhijit, to guide and assist aspiring students to achieve their study abroad dreams. Abhijit Zaveri is always in close communication with senior university officials and agency partners, by working directly with them. Career Mosaic is a regular participant of the AIRC, ICEF and NAFSA Conferences in USA, Canada and Europe. 

Abhijit routinely delivers presentations on Strategies for International Student recruitment from South Asia at ICEF and AIRC conferences in North America and Europe. He is also an elected AIRC Board member.

Candidate Statement:
International study abroad is going through a rapid transformation and AIRC is right in middle of it. This might be some of most exciting years in front of us in this field. There is a serious challenge to the US - as new study abroad destinations gain popularity and make easy policies to welcome each student to their country. It is a time where AIRC will need to advocate more about the importance of International students on US campuses. 

My experience with AIRC and especially the last 3 years with the Board have been terrific. I have enjoyed, learned and made some great friends during this tenure. I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve on the AIRC board of directors. It is an honor to work with a dedicated group of professionals who share the same vision for AIRC. 

I have close to 20 years of experience in this sector and have travelled extensively across various US University campuses in many states. Every partner University is unique to us and we have worked hard to help the Right Student Reach their Right University. Technology has been a driving force for us and has helped us leap forward in reaching to a larger geographical area across the Sub-continent. 

Today Career Mosaic stands amongst South Asia’s Leading B2B Study abroad company with partnerships with close to 300 US Institutes and it recruits students from 12 counties. One of the most important single reason for our success been our fair practices and ethos of work. 

I strongly feel that the next wave of growth will be coming from India on the Undergraduate side. The sheer population and the new government’s economic reforms favor the huge growing middle class of India (300 Million people). This will be one of the high points in the strategic relationship for both these great countries. I am confident that we all will witness this in the next 3 to 5 years to come... 

I would like to leverage this experience of mine further to help AIRC grow in diversity in terms of new agencies coming on board and Institutional memberships. Being in the heart of the where all the action is something that surely keeps me going 

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” - John C Maxwell 

Thank you, 
Abhijit Zaveri 
Career Mosaic