Why Become AIRC Certified?

What are the Benefits of AIRC Certification?

Benefits for Agencies that become certified:
  • AIRC Certification is a validation for U.S. and global institutions that Certified Agencies follow best practice - the certification process verifies that the 40 AIRC Standards are met
  • AIRC Certified Agencies may use the AIRC Certified Agency logo/seal
  • AIRC Certified Agencies and applicants may access unlimited free ICEF US Agent Training Course testing on U.S. Education (USATC)
  • AIRC Approved Applicants for Certification and Certified Agencies have access to AIRC's private library of training resources on U.S. higher education and U.S. immigration
  • AIRC Certified Agencies may participate in exclusive agency events such as the AIRC Certified Agency Village at NAFSA
  • AIRC Certified Agency members are able to present learning sessions in AIRC Webinars and at the AIRC Conference and Workshops
  • AIRC creates opportunities to network with institutions in a professional environment - at its Annual Conference and other events
  • AIRC Certification process substitutes for a Management Consultant exercise
  • AIRC Certified Agencies may promote to parents and students that the agency meets American standards
  • AIRC Certified agency members are eligible to run for election to serve on the AIRC Board of Directors
  • AIRC Certified agency members may serve on AIRC committees and help set AIRC policy and contribute to AIRC Standards

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