Certification Ten Steps

Details on the Certification process follow. 
Read these ten steps to understand what is involved to apply for AIRC Certification.

STEP ONE - Review the AIRC Certification Standards, Certification Process and Eligibility Rules
Representatives of organizations considering applying for AIRC Certification must first review the AIRC Certification Process and Standards Manual 5.4 Agency Certification Eligibility - Read this Document to Determine Agency Eligibility.

STEP TWO - Complete the online application: https://airc.formstack.com/forms/agency_application
 Once AIRC receives your submission you will be asked for additional materials.

STEP THREE - First Payment point at Application - U.S. $2,000 (Non Refundable)
Payment options include credit card, check, or wire transfer. An invoice and payment instructions will appear upon completion of the application. Go to this link to apply and pay online: https://www.airc-education.org/assoc_subscribe.asp​

STEP FOUR - Letter of Intent
Applicants must submit a signed letter of intent from the agency’s chief executive officer setting forth the reasons for the organization’s interest in AIRC Certification and stating that he or she has read and understands the AIRC Standards and requirements for certification. The letter of intent may be uploaded with the application or sent separately to (certification@airc-education.org).

STEP FIVE - Approval to Undergo Certification
Upon receipt of the application materials and fee the AIRC Certification Commission initial review committee will order a background check report and check institutional references. When these materials are received and cleared, the committee votes on whether the organization can continue to the next phase of certification, which is the self-evaluation and review process. This step takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  Read more about STEP FIVE.

STEP SIX - Second payment point at Approval to Undergo Certification
Once an organization is approved to move to the next phase of certification it will be required to pay U.S. $5,000 Certification Fee (non-refundable). This covers the cost of the self-evaluation and review of the agency by an external reviewer and must be paid prior to the commencement of certification review. Agencies pay for the site reviewer travel, lodging and meals. Read more about STEP SIX.

STEP SEVEN - Call for Comments
When the applicant agency is advanced to undergo certification, AIRC will inform its members and also post a public notice on its website announcing the organization and inviting comments from the public regarding the organization’s compliance with the AIRC Standards. The comments received remain confidential within the certification process. https://www.airc-education.org/call-comments

STEP EIGHT - Certification
The agency's completed application materials, Self-Evaluation Report Form and External Reviewer Report are processed by the Director of Certification who operates independently of the AIRC Board of Directors. The Director of Certification guides the applicant organization through the self study, arrange for an on-site review, and convenes the Certification Commission which votes on the Certification. All communications between the agency applicant and the Director of Certification remain confidential within the confines of the certification process.

STEP NINE - Certification Decision
The AIRC Certification Commission meets three times a year and reviews all applications which are complete at the time of the Certification Commission meeting. Within one week following the meeting of the Certification Commission, the Director of Certification will send a letter to the applicant Agency announcing the decision of the Certification Commission

STEP TEN - Membership and Continued Compliance
Assuming successful Certification, the organization will become an agency member of AIRC. In order to maintain active Certification status agency members are required to pay the third Certification payment point which is the first year’s membership fee - U.S. $3,000.
After the first year of membership, Certified agencies pay the annual membership fee based on the following schedule:
U.S. $2,000 - Small Agencies (Placing fewer than 500 students globally annually)
U.S. $4,000 - Large Agencies (Placing 500 or more students globally annually)

Agencies must continue to comply with AIRC standards during their membership. Failure to do so may result in probationary action or revoking of certification. Both of these actions are made public. AIRC Certified agencies must also complete an annual report for AIRC each year which includes agency updates and results of institutional and student client surveys.

Upon applying the agency will need to confirm that its representative has read and acknowledge all of the above steps including the standards and fee structure, and wish to continue the application process.

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