AIRC Membership For Agencies

2016 AIRC Certified and Re-Certified Agencies

Agencies can only become members of AIRC by completing our Certification program.

What is AIRC Certification?

AIRC™ Certification attests to the quality of the agency which is determined by the agency's compliance with the AIRC Certification Standards and a site visit to the agency's main recruiting office. Most agencies receive certification for five years (first round), and ten years (thereafter).  

Membership through Certification has many benefits, including:
  • Access to AIRC institutional members through an institutional directory
  • Participation in the AIRC annual conference - the place to network with other AIRC members
  • Access to professional development training, including US Education, US Visa process and free ICEF USATC Testing
  • Certified agency members can serve on our Board of Directors and committees. 
  • Participation in AIRC events such as exhibiting at the AIRC Conference and in the AIRC Village at the NAFSA Annual Conference

The AIRC™ Certification process follows global practice for quality assurance processes and consists of :
  •     A background check of the agency and its owners to determine
        any financial or ethical irregularities
  •     A vote by the AIRC Certification agency review committee
        to advance applicants to undergo certification
  •     A self study of agency operations based on the  AIRC™ Certification Standards. (The Standards are also available in Chinese.)
  •     A site visit to agency headquarters or main office
  •     A  Call for Comments from the public on applicant agencies
  •     A review of all records and vote by an independent Certification
        Commission comprised of U.S. institutional members and
        education professionals.

Resources for you: