AIRC Membership For Agencies

2016 AIRC Certified and Re-Certified Agencies

Agencies can only become members of AIRC by completing our Certification program.

What is AIRC Certification?

AIRC™ Certification attests to the quality determined upon an external review of a recruiting agency which meets the  AIRC Certification Standards  for a designated period of time of five years (first round), and ten years (thereafter).  If an agency becomes Certified, it becomes a member of the AIRC community in which it has access to both our institutional and agency members through our secure institutional directory and annual conference. It has the opportunity to share ideas and it has access to professional development opportunities provided by AIRC.  Certified agency members can serve on our Board of Directors and committees. AIRC is a dynamic community of individuals which truly do learn from each other and who are quite proud of their designation. Our annual conference is a key event for certified agency and institutional members to come together. Certified agencies may also purchase (for a small fee) a table to display information about their agency at the conference. 

The AIRC™ Certification process follows global practice for quality assurance processes and consists of :
  •     A background check of the agency and its owners to determine
        any financial or ethical irregularities
  •     A vote by the AIRC Certification agency review committee
        to advance applicants to undergo certification
  •     A self study of agency operations based on the  AIRC™ Certification Standards. (The Standards are also available in Chinese.)
  •     An external review of one or more offices as determined
        are appropriate and necessary
  •     A  Call for Comments from the public on applicant agencies
  •     A review of all records and vote by an independent certification
        commission comprised of U.S. institutional members and
        education professionals.

Resources for you: