Call For Comments On Applicants Undergoing Certification

In an effort to achieve some of the highest ethics and standards for institutional recruitment, The AIRC™ Certification process provides an opportunity for third parties, independent of an applicant agency under review, to make written comments on whether, in their opinion, the organization meets AIRC™ Certification Standards.

These reviews assist the AIRC™ Certification Commission as it considers a certification application. Comments are strictly confidential and are not publicly shared.

Who May Comment

  • Higher education institutions and programs
  • Governmental or non-governmental organizations
  • Individuals

Comment Procedure

  1. Third-party comment must be written and signed and is limited to the applicant agency’s efforts to meet the AIRC Certification Standards.
  2. All comments should cite the specific standard of concern and provide evidence related to the applicant agency’s adherence to that standard.
  3. Signed comments must also indicate the organizational affiliation of the  individual commenting along with a description of the organization.

After review by AIRC staff to determine relevancy to the AIRC™ Certification Standards, written comments will be provided to the Certification Commission and the agency applicant. Agency applicants will have the opportunity to review and respond to written comments.

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Applicants Currently Under Consideration

  • Kathmandu Alfa Beta Consultants (Headquarters in Nepal)
  • Canam (Headquarters in India)
  • Disha Consultants (Headquarters in India)
  • Edwise Foundation (Headquarters in Nepal)
  • Global Reach (Headquarters in India)
  • iae GLOBAL (Headquarters in Korea)
  • Kanan International (Headquarters in India)
  • Kangaroo Studies (Headquarters in India)
  • PAC Asia (Headquarters in India)
  • SIEC (Headquarters in India)

  • Submit a Comment

    • Submit via the form on the left
    • Submit via Email — (Include Call for Comments-AIRC Certification Applicant Name - Confidential in the subject line)
    • Submit via Fax (1) 240 547 6400
    • Submit via Mail

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