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AIRC Responds on Agent Discussion

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The attached articles may be of interest:

Last week University World News published an article by American professor Philip G Altbach on the proliferation of third-party recruiters and agents in international higher education. He argued that they have no legitimate role and should be abolished.

The full article can be found here:

In a subsequent interview with Times Higher Education, MITCH LEVENTHAL, AIRC Vice President and Treasurer, said US institutions needed to accept that recruitment agents were "here to stay". You may view this article at the following link:

Full article on the Time Higher Education site

AIRC board members NORM PETERSON, STEPHEN FOSTER and MITCH LEVENTHAL presented a further argument that recruitment agencies are firmly established in a global student market where competition is fierce and America is losing market share. Many other US organisations need to be involved in promoting best practices in international recruitment.

Full article on the University World News site

MATTHEW ULMER of AIRC Certified agency IDP Education provides an additional response noting that it is more effective to sanction unprofessional agents and to encourage best practice than it is to banish proven businesspeople working in an accepted and effective field.

Full article on the University World News site

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John Deupree
Executive Director